Tank Trouble 2: Test Your War Battling Skills

Tank Trouble 2: Test Your War Battling SkillsTank Trouble 2 is a tank battling game, which gives you the opportunity to test your skills in battles. It requires you to play against various tanks as you move on and win more scores by eliminating the tanks of your enemy as fast as you can. You can play it alone against Laika, a very skillful enemy. The game can also be played with up to 3 players. You need to navigate through a system of mazes, in order be able to aim your target and shoot it. Keep in mind that in order to be able to shoot the tank of your enemy, you need to move the arrows on your keyboard and shoot by using your mouse.

Instructions: Challenge your battle skills

This game requires great war strategies. In the multiplayer mode each player is represented in a different tanks, which are green, red and blue tank. While in the single player mode, the default tank is the red tank. You need to be in alert and avoid being shot. The game begins with a simple layout and just two enemy tanks. Keep in mind that the red and green tanks will guide you during your play. Remember that you need to focus on these two tanks and be cautious as you move on in the game. But as you move on in the game, you have to deal with harder levels. This means that you need to be concentrated, act quickly and be agile. Your main focus in this game is to overcome all the obstacles and try to overcome the difficulties and destroy your opponent’s tank with yours.

Controls of the game

The controls of the Tank Trouble 2 for all the three players appear at the beginning of the game, so you need to remember them. You use various keys as to be able to control your tank. For example, the first player with the red war tank uses a number of arrown keys for certain directions by using the ‘M’ key in order to fight. The second one with the green tank uses the S,D, E and F keys as to point to his enemy and the ‘Q’ to fire against him. Keep in mind though that if you play alone your tank is the red one and you have to make use of the arrow keys for moving forward and you have to use the space key for shooting your enemy. Moreover, you have a wide variety of powerful weapons that you can choose, before the game begins and you have click the icon you prefer as to select your prefered weapon.

P.S. If you want to play unblocked version of the game I suggest you to check different popular gaming sites instead of official blog because official sites can’t be opened at school.