Freecell Solitaire A Super-interesting Card Game

12Freecell solitaire is quite similar to other card games, except for the fact that at the start of the game, cards are arranged facing up (Click Here and enjoy another fun version of this crazy game). Once placed onto the foundation, a player is not allowed to remove any other card. The primary objective of the game is getting all the cards in an ascending arrangement. It is also possible for a player to build stacks of alternating color cards in a descending order to serve as an intermediary step. At the beginning of the game one clearly knows where the cards are located in a deck. Hence, victory is determined by the strategy chosen and not luck.

Controls and instructions

Moving a card is simply achieved by clicking on that card followed by the card’s destination click. One of the valid moves is moving an ace to its stack. A player can also move a card located at the stack’s top to a corresponding stack. An empty building stack or free cell accommodates a top card at a building stack. This is done by selecting target cards, clicking two times on building stacks and finally clicking on an empty space. To withdraw an automated move, all that a player needs to do is click undo.

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Cheats and Tips

One of the Freecell solitaire cheats is to hold down the shift key while moving several cards. This allows for the move to occur even when the spaces are inadequate. A major tip is trying as much as possible at the early stages of the game to create empty building stack spaces. Another useful tip is moving a card sequence in a series of stages, especially when the empty spaces are not sufficient. When the empty spaces are two or more, your aim should be filling the the space and reassembling the card sequence.

Freecell Solitaire A Super-interesting Card GameBasically, this is a fun card game that will occupy your free time.

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