Impossible Quiz – The Most Played Computer Game

The Impossible Quiz 1 is increasingly becoming one of the most preferred computer games by many gamers across the world. This highly addictive game is one of the games that will keep you glued on your pc or smart phone because of its some tricky and challenging questions. It is a game that has quickly gained popularity due to the fact that it is quite a challenge to complete a single set of questions.


How to play Impossible Quiz 1

Unlike other computer games, The Impossible Quiz is a game that requires the player to use a mouse to peruse through the questions while selecting and writing the correct answers. You will also be required to use both the alphabet and the numeric keys on your keyboard especially when you are expected to spell or write a word as the answer. The questions come from a wide range of topics thus making it more interesting. After you get the correct answer, you automatically earn a point and move to the next question then to the next level.

The questions are set is such a way that the player can easily be swayed to select the wrong answer. Although all the questions are 100% correct, some players have even found themselves defending their answers or disputing the correct given answer- something that makes this game even more interesting.

Apart from the interesting difficult questions, Impossible Quiz 1 is a good game for exercising your brain. With the question aimed at testing your logical thinking capacity, this is a game the will help stretch and strengthen your brain muscles. In addition, you can play the game to just relax or ease stress.

Quest 36

And another good thing about the Impossible Quiz is that, as a game enthusiast, you have the opportunity to apply various cheats available online. If you are looking for an interesting and highly addictive computer game, then download impossible quiz 1 on your PC or smart phone.


Happy Wheels Guide: How to win the game

Happy Wheels is a relatively recent game which was launched for PC users. It is also available in a flash (unblocked) version for those who want to test its functionality before buying, you can try it right now. The game offers players 4 different characters to have fun with and it can get bloody quite fast for those who don’t pay attention. Game principles are easy tho: keyboard arrows are used for controlling the characters and that’s about it. The rest lies in the background magic and here is the tricky part; there are many traps installed and any of them can kill your beloved character. Read on to find more about our Happy Wheels guide.

happy wheels guide

Game instructions

There isn’t a specific set of instructions that players should follow. However, everyone needs to pay attention to the rotating/spicy traps installed in the game which can pop out of nowhere. Sometimes even the ground can go up and down and there is no warning on that. And it’s also to be mentioned that some characters are larger than other, so you might (e.g. the father and child on a bicycle) so you might have a tougher time controlling them then you would expect to. However, if you are aware of your surroundings and use the arrow controls properly, then no issues should occur.

Advice for completing the game successfully

Before going any further I would like to present you my favorite site where you can play full version of the game 24/7. Beginners are advised to stick to thinner characters which are easier to control (e.g. guy on the segway). In addition, the first few levels can be a lot easier to overcome and can also help you master the controls, so it’s better to start with those. If you feel stuck during any moment just pause the game, reclaim your thoughts, and then continue playing. This is the best way to complete each stage. Also, keep in mind that some characters may be more suitable for certain levels, so give them all a try.

Important details in Super Smash Flash 2

Super Smash Flash Impresses with Surprisingly Dense and Dizzying Combat System

Super Smash Flash has been around since 2010, and a slew of iterations, updates, community discussions, and new playable characters have constantly made this frenetic alternative to the famed Nintendo series quite alluring. It takes years for Nintendo to launch a new Smash bros title, and so many characters get passed up. Yet, Super Smash Flash can realize the dreams of fans.

charactersWhat are the Super Smash Flash Controls?

Firstly, Super Smash Flash 2 is a free-to-play community driven fighting game available for computers. it is built in Flash, which gives it added flexibility. The controls are surprisingly dense. Characters are moved by using the traditional arrow buttons. Most attacks can be powered up by holding the respective button. All the controls are coded to WASD and the surrounding letters, but they are customizable.


How Does it Compare?

The game is built very similar to the main series it mines from. The most important part of this SSF2 game review, and the aspect being stressed here is how well it compares to the main series as a fighting title. The combat is deep and dizzying. Players will get lost memorizing the moves that correspond to Super Smash Bros Brawl. This includes the up attack, left attack, down attack, and the respective directional power hits. it all plays very similar to the main game it is inspired by, and that is the best consolation these indie developers could ask for.

ssf2Who is Playable?

Perhaps the most addictive part of the game (aside from its obsessed community) is the characters which are playable. The game introduces characters that will realistically never appear in the acclaimed Nintendo franchise. Naruto from the famous manga and anime can fight alongside Mr Incredible (the Disney film) Sonic and Tails (the Sonic series) Inuyasha from the series of the same name, and Cloud (from the iconic Final Fantasy VII). The game just introduced Gaia is a monstrously fast competitor. Overall, it’s a frenetic action game perfectly built for the indie community and SSF fanbase.

Left 4 Dead 2 Overview

Left 4 Dead 2Left 4 Dead 2 is the second flash game in a sequence after Left 4 Dead 1. This game continues the zombie dilemma of before with new survivors, uncommon “common” infected, new maps and firearms, as well as new moves and cool things.

New Changes
Updates include no running animations, upgraded graphics, new gameplay modes, gauntlet crescendos, melee weapons, new weapons tier, more guns, new different infected enemies included, new special infected models and textures, including the Spitter, the character Jockey and also the other famous Charger which integrate the new crew. There is also a lot more gore for the violence lovers, and every level includes more infected enemies to intensify game play and you can use for the battle new main characters as mentioned before.

Left 4 Dead 2 zombiesControls
Controls in Left 4 Dead 2 vary according to the platform you’ll use to play the game, including PC or Xbox 360 which are the most widely used platforms.
The main controls for both sides in PC are:

Button | Action
W Move Forward
S Move Backward
A Strafe Left
D Strafe Right
Space Bar Jump
Left Ctrl Crouch
Shift Walk
C Voice Chat
T Team Message
Y Players Message
F4 Spray Tag
M Choose Team
Tab Status Screen
F1 Vote Yes
F2 Vote No
F5 Screen Capture 

In Xbox 360
Button | Action
A Jump
B Reload
Y Select Weapon
LB Crouch
RB 180 degrees Spin
LT toShove
D-Pad Up Flashlight 
These above are the main controls for you to get started into playing Left 4 Dead 2. You can always also just press to display the game menu and from there browse to the controls tab where you’ll be able to see which are the controls specified for all actions.

left 4 dead 2 weaponsNew Story
The cool thing about this game is that it also evolves into new levels including a new story to break from the same paradigm that was established in the prior one. Here, the virus travels to the country’s south to some states where the new plot unfolds. So this is nothing like the first beginnings. Players will encounter themselves submersed in some type of apocalyptic hell, from which they’ll have to try to obtain their salvation. It’s all a question if players will be able to reach that with their own actions.

Also, the game has a particular interesting factor which evolves the gameplay. That is that Left 4 Dead 2 now reacts to your gaming method, either by intensifying the number of enemies in each battle or by diminishing the adversaries and challenges accordingly. That is good since it gives you time to get used to the gameplay in each game level allowing you to reach your core gaming abilities, as you move on.

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