Important details in Super Smash Flash 2

Super Smash Flash Impresses with Surprisingly Dense and Dizzying Combat System

Super Smash Flash has been around since 2010, and a slew of iterations, updates, community discussions, and new playable characters have constantly made this frenetic alternative to the famed Nintendo series quite alluring. It takes years for Nintendo to launch a new Smash bros title, and so many characters get passed up. Yet, Super Smash Flash can realize the dreams of fans.

charactersWhat are the Super Smash Flash Controls?

Firstly, Super Smash Flash 2 is a free-to-play community driven fighting game available for computers. it is built in Flash, which gives it added flexibility. The controls are surprisingly dense. Characters are moved by using the traditional arrow buttons. Most attacks can be powered up by holding the respective button. All the controls are coded to WASD and the surrounding letters, but they are customizable.


How Does it Compare?

The game is built very similar to the main series it mines from. The most important part of this SSF2 game review, and the aspect being stressed here is how well it compares to the main series as a fighting title. The combat is deep and dizzying. Players will get lost memorizing the moves that correspond to Super Smash Bros Brawl. This includes the up attack, left attack, down attack, and the respective directional power hits. it all plays very similar to the main game it is inspired by, and that is the best consolation these indie developers could ask for.

ssf2Who is Playable?

Perhaps the most addictive part of the game (aside from its obsessed community) is the characters which are playable. The game introduces characters that will realistically never appear in the acclaimed Nintendo franchise. Naruto from the famous manga and anime can fight alongside Mr Incredible (the Disney film) Sonic and Tails (the Sonic series) Inuyasha from the series of the same name, and Cloud (from the iconic Final Fantasy VII). The game just introduced Gaia is a monstrously fast competitor. Overall, it’s a frenetic action game perfectly built for the indie community and SSF fanbase.