Learn To Fly Unblocked: The Ultimate Game To Get You Jazzed Up

Learn To Fly Unblocked
When it comes to relaxing and the various means to unwinding, gaming is one of the easiest yet cheapest ways to do so without taking an actual vacation. One of the easiest games that can give you a challenge and yet enable you have fun is the learn to fly unblocked game from official site. The concept of the game is different from other games as it involves the use of a penguin as the main character in the game. Ideally the story behind it is that the penguin has unparalleled fear of flying and yet desires to fly as high as possible, with the greatest speed, for longer and at a longer distance. As the main player of the game, your main work is enabling the penguin which is ideally a flightless bird to attain its desire.
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The concept of playing is very easy and thus the ultimate game to play when you want to pass some time. The controls are fairly easy and they include a right and left button. To tilt forward simply press the left button and to tilt backwards press the right button. Ultimately when controlling the penguin, you would be using a glider to control its movements and hence enable the flightless penguin to reach its ultimate goal.

prepare to jumpStrategy

For a beginner the basics of the learnfly2 are fairly easy to master as the mission is clear enough, that is to fly as high as possible for longer period and distance before jumping into the water. The main aim of a player is to increase all three factors after each attempt thus get the reward. When talking numbers in the learn to flu unlocked game, a beginner usually has about 3% resistance. To get the most of it, simply aim for about 175mPH to 200mPH to achieve between 6000 to 7000 feet. For an intermediate player who wants some extra points, start at the default 6% resistance and keep it steady in order to gain height, afterwards, drop the resistance and use the rocket launcher to go faster. The good thing with this tick is even after your fuel is depleted you can still fly at a speed of 110mPH until you start losing speed after which you have to decrease your resistance to zero enabling a soft landing


Even though the learn to fly unblocked game is fashioned around the penguin and its success, you as a player you also get rewarded with money after each and every attempt to keep you motivated. The amount is dependent on the distance covered, height and the amount of time that is spend on the flight. As a payer you get to collect this monetary reward and get the necessary upgrades. This includes a better glider that enables the penguin stay in flight for longer covering great distances and a rocket that allows you to increase speed exponentially.Try also another funny game electric man at following website.

How to play Return Man 4 additional instructions

Return Man 4 game also known as Line-backer is a brilliant flash game based around real American Football and in this case or version played from the defensive aspect or perspective. The game graphics and design is fantastic with smooth and realistic movements as well as attractive game physics.

return man 4

Game Instructions :

This game is simulates American Football with main objective of the game being to stop attackers as well as catching the ball before it gets to or reaches finish line. In order to know how to do this, you should at first learn how to move and get through the blockers. Currently in this version of the game, Line-backer, you play in defence and you will have to deal with and tackle your opponents and no in any case will you allow them to get to or reach touchdown line. In-addition, you should totally avoid getting caught by the opponent teams catchers by fighting them. Try to complete each level so as to unlock new harder levels and test your gaming brilliance. Usually first levels of the game can be completed easily; however, things get hard and tough in higher levels with attacking team getting stronger and their strategy become more decent.

Game Controls :

Here are some basic game controls which are very simple and confortable to use;

I, J, L and K buttons or Arrow buttons – They are used to move character in different directions.

  • I/Up – Moves character forward.
  • L/Down – Moves character backward.
  • J/Left – Moves character to the left.
  • K/Right – Moves character to the right.

Other keys or buttons with their special functions and moves;

american football

  • Space bar – Dive Tackle or continue the game.
  • M – Mute the game or silent mode.
  • A – Swim.
  • S – Shuck.
  • D – Bull Rush.

The game can be played online and features multiplayer mode enabling you to enjoy playing and competing against your friends.
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